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Warm Gun (Max Pieri e Fred Ghidelli)



Via Fuga n. 34/36 (traversa Via Ruggiero)

81100 – Caserta (CE)


333.9930372 (prenot.) e 340.3444535 (art director)





Note sul gruppo:

Max Pieri: bass, stomp box and vocals.

Fred Ghidelli: electric and acoustic guitars. WARM GUN was born in Caserta (Italy) as Max PIERI’s iniziative. It sinks hands in the delta waters, extracting an electro acoustic “two men band” with an impact comparable to more extensive blues combo. The line-up is completed with the irreplaceable Fred GHIDELLI, legendary and versatile guitarist of the town musical scene, decisive in defining the expressive orientations. The replacement of the drums with a resounding footboard (stomp box) makes the sound of the WARM GUN rough and bony, a unique characteristic in the kind! DISCOGRAPHY WARM GUN “Invisibile Man” Buffalo Bounce, 2005. Four covers and eight inedited songs for a no compromise production: dedicated to the invisible men who make the world truer! All cuts live and direct. LINE-UP Fred GHIDELLI – guitar; Max PIERI – bass, stomp box and vocals. FESTIVALS AND REVIEWS 2005 – VI Macchia Blues Festival, Macchia d’Isernia (IS); 2006 – III Black Time Jazz & Blues Festival, Ceppaloni (BN); 2006 – I Baia Domizia Blues Festival, Sessa Aurunca (CE); 2006 – IV Lucania Buskers Festival, Stigliano (MT); 2006 – IV Velletri Blues, Velletri (RM); 2007 – III Casertamusica Doc Live, Teatro CTS CASERTA; 2007 – XV Teano Jazz Festival, Teano (CE); 2007 – IV Molinara Crossroads, Molinara (BN); 2007 – XVI Santa Sofia Di Strada In Strada, Santa Sofia (FC);

2007 – II Raduno Blues, Capodrise (CE).

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