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Starframes + D.J. set: Starluy




Via G. Doria n. 83/a

(parallela Via L. Giordano nei pressi del Cinema Arcobaleno – Vomero)

80128 – Napoli (NA)







Note sul gruppo:


The story of the band started in 2003. Actually in 2001 Francesco and Raffaele, who went to the same High-school, were together in a band, but the things didn’t seem to go so well, so they splitted up. They played in 2 different bands for 2 long years. During that period Francesco played with Fabio and Oreste (one of his schoolmates), while Raffaele was in a grunge-band. However both started their activity as songwriters. One hot evening in July 2003, Francesco,Oreste and Raffaele met each other in a pub. Raffaele and Oreste were drinking pints of beer, Francesco ordered a cocktail and so decided to form a new band. After some days they decided to adopt the name “Starframes”. At first Starframes were well-known as a “The Strokes-tribute-band”,but it didn’t take so much to see the first songs of the group be written. “Day by day”,”Whine Romance”,”City Lights” and “We’re all in it” (which became “Jane” in 2005) were composed between October and December 2003. All of them (except for “Day by day”) formed the track-list of the Starframes first demo “City highlights”, which consented them to play in some clubs in Naples. In particular Starframes played 3 times at the Slovenly Rock and Roll Bar, which was the coolest place in Naples for a band. Unfortunately the Rock and roll bar closed and the “live-activity” of the band was suddenly stopped because of that. A new demo was released in December 2004. Its name was “On the way to Mars”. The following months were spent for songwriting and experimenting the new songs. All the songs written by the band are influenced by the music of The Who, The Clash, The Jam and the “punk and roll” scene which dominated the end of the 70s. In spring 2005 Starframes made some gigs in different clubs in Naples. After that the members of the band decided to stop for some months. At the end of summer 2005 they met each other again and decided that, after 2 years, the time had come to collect all the good work done up to then. So the idea of making a promo was born. Giving a name to it was necessary. Starframes decided that “One for the beginners” could be a representative one. The recording sessions started in March 2006 but they were interrupted several times because of various reasons. However at the end of 2006 Starframes finished the work and put it out on myspace in January 2007. In December 2007 Oreste left the band because he was in trouble with his health. Marco joined the band and became the new bass-player. Nowadays Starframes are in studio to put out their first official album “Street Politics”. The recording sessions will end in June.

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D.J. set: Starluy


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