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Shara special guest Riccardo Vilone + Luca Piccirillo



Via Venafrana km 2

81058 – Vairano Patenora (CE)





Note sul gruppo:

Shara special guest Riccardo Vilone + Luca Piccirillo

Voice: Shara

Piano: Riccardo Vilone

Guitar: Luca Piccirillo


Shara (Sarah Ancarola) was born in Naples on the 14th June 1978. She started her journey through the world of music at the age of twelve by recording a Christmas album. After highschool she got a deeper knowledge in singing and solfege by entering the Popular University of the Arts (Naples) where she studied vocal education, diction, acting, dancing and miming. Whilst at the university she participated in seminars on theatrical make up as well as TV and film direction. Between 1996 and 2000 she worked with different emerging bands having gigs in pubs and discos around Italy with a repertoire ranging from pop, rock, blues, funky, soul to dance music. At the same time Shara had the possibility to collaborate with some Neapolitan radios and local TV channels. She also became part of a gospel choir with which she toured Europe. This brought her to London, an ideal city for an artist like Shara who writes, composes and paints and as she says: “No matter where I am my inspiration is just around at the corner”. Another important stage of her career, that introduced Shara to the music industry, was at the end of the ‘90s. That was, when she met Alfredo Petroli who by then had produced Alexia. Shara recorded a cover in a dance version for him. In 2000 she started to work with the Neapolitan musician and producer Luca Stendardo and together they gave life to her musical project made up of pop, rock and ethnic sounds mixed up in a perfect fusion. In 2003 Shara worked with one of the members of the “Blackbox” group, Valerio Semplici, and together they produced “Feet on fire”. This song was successfully aired in the summer of 2003 by many Spanish dance radios and discos. In the autumn of 2004 she started the recording of her first album “Pranava Rainbow” which was the fruit of her first four years of friendship and collaboration with the producer Luca Stendardo. In 2005 she had the opportunity to be a guest singer in the production of some albums by other important musicians and in 2006 she regularly attended a course in singing as a soloist and chorus.

Riccardo Vilone dice di se:

Sono nato a Napoli l’11/04/1978, ed ho incominciato a suonare le tastiere dall’età di 12 anni, prima d’autodidatta, e poi ho proseguito gli studi classici con il maestro Christian De Liso ed in seguito con il MAESTRO Francesco Villani… Amo diversi generi musicali, ma quello che prediligo di più è sempre il Rock ed il suono dell’organo Hammond….. Diverse esperienze musicali, dai neomelodici napoletani a Nicola di Bari….ma forse quella più simpatica è stata la colonna sonora per un dvd dedicato ai Giuliano….i cammoristi….

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Riccardo Vilone


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