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Infernal Poetry + Sothis + In All Senses + Symbolyc + Menarca



Via Venafrana km 2

81058 – Vairano Patenora (CE)





Note sui gruppi:

Infernal Poetry, born in Ancona in 1996, INFERNAL POETRY is considered to be one of the most important and original extreme acts in Italy. An incessant live activity all over Europe (with Dismember, Rotting Christ, Impiety, Behemoth and many more) was the key to earn the name of ‘Killer Live Act’ and to step out the deepest Italian underground. Starting like a mix between American brutality and Swedish melodies, with the latest release Beholding the Unpure, INFERNAL POETRY’s sound is now evolving into something new and refreshing, with disturbing tones and schizophrenic elements. Media from all over the world are labeling their sound ‘Schizo Death Metal’.

Sothis was born in 97 under the monicker Anestesia. The band records its first demo-CD in ‘98, simply called Demon 98. In ‘99 the band changes his monicker in Sothis and records a seven track cd called The Seven Lies. The Seven Lies gets very good responses from the national metal audience and from all the Italian mag/fan/web-zines . In ‘01 Sothis self produces their third official demo cd Instinct. Instinct receives an excellent feedback from the whole metal audience and from quite every mag/web/fan-zine. In order to promote the last work Instinct, Sothis starts an intense live activity that goes increasing even more, taking place in several national festivals and supporting great bands such as Lacuna Coil, Entombed, Impaled Nazarene, Konkhra, Shaman, Death SS, Eldritch, Theatres Des Vampires, Undertakers, Natron, Centurion, etc.. In ‘03 Sothis signs a record deal with the italian Temple of Noise Records and in april ‘06 records their debut album Fusion, out in Italy with Edel Distribution and in Europe with Hardebaran Distribution. The band promotes the album playing a lot of gigs and some of them with big names as Destruction, Anathema, Sadist, Vader, Necrodeath, Impaled Nazarene, Assassin… In ‘07 the band joins Alkemist Fanatix Europe as management agency.

In All Senses The band born in the middle 90ies thanks to Peppe Senese (guitar), Jose Troise (drums) and Giuseppe Rotolo (bass) and their passion for extreme music. In 96 they meet Ruggero Formicola (vocals and guitar) and this signs the beginning of InAllSenses. The first efforts of the band were represented by the first demo “Escape Of Natural World” released on March 1997. The band received great responses and also great interest but soon some problems born in the band and the result was a stop. At the end of 2004, however, with the return of Jose on drums and the new entry Picierno Lorenzo (bass), the group is reborn from its ashes, in all manifested occasions had the undisputed desire to continue “to damage”… In March 2005 for the second and last time Jose left the band. After long and exhausting search, the band finds a worthy substitute, Bartolomeo D’Arezzo, promising young drummer; also a new guitar player, Vittorio Casaburi, joined the band so InAllSenses were finally again ready to work on the extreme music they always like to play again. This new line up and the renewed feeling showed by the band is concretised in the first full-length album titled “The Experience” recorded in the early 2008 and that will be distributed worldwide by Club Inferno Ent. / My Kingdom Music.

Symbolyc. The band was born in the summer 2003 from a project of friends who,despite already started projects, decided to approach to the old roots… the THRASH! In the beginning to experience the band we decided to begin playing some Metallica and Sepultura covers,closing ourselves for whole afternoons (so hot!) in the bassplayer’s garage reharsing all the songs… The band still missed fundamental elements to arrange own tracks…The band was composed by Aversana Sossio (rythm guitar), Pezzella Raffaele (drums), Campanile Gennaro (bass guitar);at the end of the summer of 2003 Mormile Alessandro joined the band wich,besides bringing speed in the songs,gave us the chance to introduce more melodic parts in the unpublished tracks. Followingly rose the problem to find a proper name for the band and we opted for SYMBOLYC with explicit reference to the historicals Death wich,together with band as Obituary,Inflames,Soilwork,Slayer had subsequently a great influence giving way to the band to embrace the whole trash and death metal background, from the melodic one to the harder with the addition of parts even more trash,up to create a personal sound. For almost one year the band had been looking for a frontman wich it seemed never to arrive, in fact it began to become a serious problem not having a singer, both for the recordings of the tracks and for live exhibitions. Only in the winter of the same year the formation became complete with Basile Walter to the voice.

Menarca, death metal band dalla provincia di Caserta, nascono come trio nella primavera del 2005, in seguito all’incontro tra Alfredo (chitarra), Antonio (batteria) e Stefano (voce e basso), ognuno proveniente da precedenti esperienze in altre band della scena metal locale. Tra loro si instaura immediatamente un forte legame che, unito ad una comune visione artistica, li porterà da subito a realizzare le prime composizioni. Sin dall’inizio il gruppo si dedica ad un’intensa attività live, suonando in numerosi locali e partecipando a diversi eventi e mini-festival (sempre in ambito underground). A gennaio 2007 viene realizzato il primo demo autoprodotto dei MENARCA, dal titolo “Heart Bleeding”.

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