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Sound City + Wild Week End (+ Vinyl Gianpy dj)



Via Annarumma – Zona Stadio

83100 – Avellino






Note sui gruppi:

Sound City

Chi sono i Sound City? I Sound City sono il frutto del nostro perverso e necrofilo amore per le radici della rivolta punk rock di metà anni settanta. Formati con l’obiettivo di tenere vivo il suono e l’attitudine rock’n’roll, i Sound City sono una band “all stars” di performers navigati e tutti ossessionati della rivoluzionaria blank generation di New York e Detroit. Suonare perle delle leggendarie bands che si esibivano al Max Kansas City ed al CBGB per noi rappresenta una forma rivolta contro l’ossessiva e noiosa ripetizione degli stessi standard che da 30 anni affligge la scena punk … ma probabilmente non resisteremo a lungo senza fare

Wild Week End

The Wild Week-end has always been a trio with the boast of representing the one and only rock’n roll pearl in a city – Salerno – which is musically full of shit. Born in 1999 by an idea of Yena/Peppe Ferrari, original bass player, tha band is formed also by Gian Paolo Trifone/Wild Jp, guitar and vocals; and Joe Braccialetto, drums. After few weeks the first demo tape is out. It’s been recorded live in studio with no overdubs and singed without knowing the words of the songs – all covers but one – either. After some furious concerts, the drummer leaves. He will be replaced by Gaetano Bartiromo/Wild G, truly a bass player and just occasionally a drummer. Then the second demo tape is up to come out: The Cacophonic sound of (2000), recorded live in studio, as well as the first one. Cosimo Pecere – the boss of Psych Out and it’s division: Lo-Fi Records – loves the songs and produces a vinyl 7″ ep: Next your bombs, (2001). In those days, Yena has to leave the band and so Wild G starts to play bass and singing. Meanwhile, Wild V /Enzo Criscuolo – also drummer in the italian beat combo: Toni Borlotti e i suoi Flauers – joins the band. The first Weekend’s single has been very well reviewed by the best italian music magazines, as RUMORE, ROCKERILLA and MUCCHIO SELVAGGIO, and some other good fanzines, as CAPINCH ad ALPHAMONIC. It is also very appreciated on the pages of MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL, febr. 2001, and goes up to number third on its playlist of the month. It’s time for the second vynil ep to come out for Lo-Fi Records: Hyperthyroid (2003). 2004 is the year of the full CD on Nicotine Records. The band will also appear on the Alphamonic .. 4 tape compilation, with lots of great italian and international bands. Stay wild with rock ‘ roll!

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Sound City


Wild Week End



Vinyl Gianpy dj


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