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Tony Borlotti e i Suoi Flauers



Largo Campo – Centro Storico

84123 – Salerno (SA)






Note sul gruppo:

Tony Borlotti e i Suoi Flauers

The band was born in 1996, with the target to live again, with passion and irony, the course of most ramshackle Italian beat bands of the ’60. Initially they were a coverband, then their started to play their own songs. In 1997 they stooged for Mal (old beat singer really famous in Italy), they took part in two edition of the International Beat Festival (in 1998 and in 2004). They played in the wonderful frame of Ravello Festival in 2005 and in 2006 they were invited to play at the Go!Lleida2006 in Spain. They also played with artists like Rudi Protudi (Fuzztones), Chocolate Watch Band, Greg Moore (Gonn), The Remains, Thanes, Others. New release Beat Italiano Category: Music (May 2006) Tony Borlotti NEW RELEASE NOW!! TONY BORLOTTI E I SUOI FLAUERS “Il mondo è Strano..e altri fiori” (Teens 042) CD Brand new! The long awaited reissue of their brainstorming beat italiano (LP vinyl) “Il mondo è strano” finally comes out on CD and features their complete output so far! not only you’ll find their album and long out of print 7″ EP remastered, but you get 3 previously unreleased cool tracks very Italian beat/yèyè , as well as their original demo tape!!! If you like (how different?) sixties comps like 60’s Beat Italiano you GOTTA HAVE this fabulous release..otherwise we’ll tell our italian friends in your neighborhood! NEW RELEASE teen sound.

I Tony Borlotti e i Suoi Flauers sono:

Tony Borlotti – Lead voice, guitar

Gabriele Di Capri – Farfisa, voice

Mick Coppola – Lead guitar, voice

Johnny Dago – Bass, voice

Vinz Kris – Drums

Dj Resident : TOTO

Siti del gruppo:

Tony Borlotti e i Suoi Flauers



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