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Circle Of Witches



Via Litonarea n. 199

84098 – Pontecagnano Faiano (SA)








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Circle Of Witches

The band of C.o.W. was created in Salerno (South Italy) in April 2004. They play Stoner and show an explosive mixture of 70’s rock, blues, metal but it also expresses a deep will of extreme amusement. Inspired by different groups such as Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Hermano, Nebula, Orange Goblin and so on, the lyrics of the songs deal with different subjects such as magic, esoterism, folklore, all mixed with a good deal of anticlericalism (which has never done any harm!), sex, drogue and gratuitous vulgarity. It is from an ironic but bitter view of life that the band comes out; but also from anthropological studies, urban legends and simple but scabrous personal experiences. Live set is for the band the most comfortable dimension: the sweat males the stage slippery and the amplifiers reach the peak! It is incredible to see how the band’s music can even turn into real shows with frequent dialogues with the audience, self parody and good theatrical skills. These are the elements making the band be appreciated even by those who don’t know the songs yet.

Circle of Witches is a five pieces band since May 2006, after the substitution of two singers, a drummer and the addition of a second guitar. In November 2006 the band entered the studio and began working on its first album “The Holyman’s GirlfrienZ”. The cd embodies perfectly the rock’n’roll spirit: twelve tracks (eight songs, two funny intervals, two intros) that in 37 minutes show the results of the first years of activity. The cd not only shows the typical Anglo-Saxon and American influences but also shows clear references to the local culture of Campania ( the South-Italian region where C.o.W. come from). C.o.W are currently promoting the album with concerts, advertisement, reviews, and the making of some videos. This new material (together with new songs) is being preparing between a show and another. Granitic, bluesy and monolithic phrasing and new experimental and more mature influences are the main features of their new songs The band is also looking for a contract to distribute their music in Italy and abroad, and to record the second chapter of their activity. Ask for our cd “HOLYMAN’S GIRLFRIENZ” or became a SOULSELLER

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Circle Of Witches



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